Through the vision of its founders the Foundation was created to build bridges where crossings have been few and far inbetween, to unveil talent where talent has been hidden, to introduce commonalities where differences have dominated

Reza Ghaffari

Founder & Chairman

Mehrnoush Fatholahi

Founder & Vice Chair

Ruby Ghaffari



Science & Medicine Advisory Board

The Advisory Board on Science & Medicine is a collection of leading scholars whom will contribute to enrichment of scientific dialogue by identifying and recommending programs & events to be sponsored by the foundation.

Prof John Wass

ChairĀ Oxford College Of Medicine
Oxford, United Kingdom

Prof Omid Farokhzad

Harvard School Of Medicine
Boston, United States

Prof Hormoz Mehmanesh

Munich, Germany


Prof Creig Hoyt

San Francisco, United States

Arts & Philosophy Advisory Board

The Advisory Board on Arts & Philosophy is made of leading scholars and renowned contributors of arts whom will identify the path to education and promotion of ancient philosophy, mysticism and its connection with the modern expressions of life through artists

Mr. Parviz Tanavoli

Sculpturist and Painter


Prof Richard Bulliet

Colombia University

Prof Manijeh Nouri

Toulouse, France


Mr. Ramin Salsali

Salsali Private Museum